Website Types

Why Does it matter?

The are a plethora of types of websites in this day and age (mostly because our devices have become a vital part of our lives in this decade). It is extremely important to know what kind of website suits you because it gives us a better understanding of your needs, meaning that the end result will be better.

In this web page we will try to break them up to your understanding in order to aid you to choose the correct type.

Type of Website Description
Personal Website Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may offer you free server space to host a website for your own use. This type of site is useful for people to stay in touch. However, it is not sufficient for a small business.
Business Website These sites provide information about a company to the public. This is a the best way of a company to display its products and services to new clients as well as update the existing customers on any new service or product changes or progress.
Photo Sharing Website With an abundance of digital cameras, people feel the need to share their artistic photos. This is the reason why photo sharing sites are cropping up everywhere. These are sites like Flickr and Unsplash.
Author/Writer Website These are part of the Writer's or Author's Platform in the publishing business which includes, a website, a Facebook presence, blog, Twitter account, and a mailing list. Many publishers will ask a prospective. These are like a fan base on which future publications can be directly marketed.
Blog Blogs have taken over the Internet. A blog owner (blogger) may write about whatever is going on in their lives or business, or they may comment on politics and news.
Informational Website A well known informational site is, the online encyclopedia. A small business may not want to have one of these sites, however it is good if you want to do a site about definitions of things e.g. words.