Visual Identity

What is Visual Identity

An entity's visual identity is the way the entity is represented ranging from colors and typefaces to websites. The most basic form of an entity's visual identity is their logo. Note: We refer to entity as a person, organization or company.

Visual Identity consists of

Brand / Identity Guideline

A Brand / Identity Guideline is a document that identifies several aspects in relation to an entity's brand. It outlines the objectives of the brand and and what the entity is about. Many of the largest companies have 100+ page identity guidelines.

A well-made identity guideline has:

A strong identity guideline should be consistant, make a clear impact, scalable to each project and clear as they highlight how the brand presents themselves.

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Logo Design

A logo (also called a logotype) is a symbol or design that identifies a brand. There are 7 types of logos:

  1. A lettermark: Lettermarks are logos that consist of letters, usually brand initials like our logo that is displayed on our navigation bar.
  2. A abstract mark: An abstract mark is a specific type of a pictorial logo as they condense your brand into a single abstract image. They are not restricted to a picture of something recognizable allowing you to create something unique to represent you.
  3. A wordmark: A wordmark is a font-based logo that focuses on a entity's name alone.
  4. A mascot logo: Mascot logos are logos that involve an illustrated character/mascot. A mascot is an illustrated character that represents your business like the ambassador. Mascots are great for companies that want to appeal to families and children.
  5. A pictorial mark: A pictorial mark is an icon which is usually the picture you have in your mind when you think “logo”. A true brand mark is only an image. Consequently, it can be tricky for new companies, or those without strong brand recognition, to use.
  6. A combination mark: A logo comprised of a combined wordmark or lettermark and a pictorial mark, abstract mark, or mascot. The picture and text can be laid out side-by-side, stacked on top of each other, or integrated together to create an image like Mistress' logo on my sailing blog.
  7. An emblem: An emblem logo consists of font inside a symbol or an icon like badges, seals and crests. These logos tend to have a traditional appearance making them the go-to choice for many government organizations. The auto industry is also quite fond of emblem logos.
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Website Design

As we approach the end of the manufacturing era and the beginning of the information (digital) era more and more people are constantly surrounded by technology and immersed in their phones for the most part of their free time. You can use this to your advantage by having a website.

Websites help you promote yourself or your businesses without you having to run around all the time. If someone asks you something you can just direct them to your website and let them read. For example if someone asks us about having a securer phone, we just direct them to our phones page a2barcan/os/phones.html.

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